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Pierre and David have each over 30 years of experience in the field of commercial photography, from analog film to advanced high-resolution digital technology.  Specializing in photography for the industrial and manufacturing industries, they have encountered a vast array of technical challenges and have successfully completed thousands of assignments through their problem solving abilities that are supported by their extensive experience.


Pierre holds 3 master’s degrees in physics, literature and photography. He is also the co-owner and curator of a fine art photography gallery. David has an advanced degree in photography, together with extensive experience in engineering, automotive racing and construction.


As a team we are able to listen carefully to our customer’s needs, ensuring that all questions are fully answered and that our processes are constantly checked for accuracy and effectiveness. Innovative ideas flow freely between the partners and we strive to ensure that the imagery we produce achieves the end goals of our customers.


Our investment into the right photography tools is a constant process as technology continues to advance in our field. We use high-resolution medium format digital camera systems, exotic optics, high power artificial lighting as well as a vast amount of support mechanisms.


We are fully committed to the privacy of our clients and their proprietary processes, often working under a non-disclosure agreement.


We have been working with an extensive client base, many of which for 20 plus years as we witness their own market growth, expansion and success. As a team, we produce thousands of images per year, including product photography for large residential maintenance companies, the medical supply field, manufacturers and distributers in varied commercial sectors. We are also very aware of safety protocols in any given environment, ensuring a smooth and efficient production.


Both Pierre and David have been fully involved in the premier commercial photography organization, the American Society of Media Photographers, for well over a decade, serving as presidents of the Florida chapter for several years. We have given many keynote lectures and speeches on sound business and technical practices to a variety of audiences, from professional photographers to clients in diverse fields of commerce.

Why us?

 We look forward to working with you on assignments ranging from a few hours to ongoing projects. Contact us via email or telephone and we will gladly explore how we can support you with your photography needs.

Pierre and David